STEAM—Gateway to the Arts

This campaign for Pittsburgh's Gateway to the Arts aims to raise public awareness of early STEAM education: the incorporation of the Arts in STEM subject learning.

Campaign • Print

I collaborated with Katherine Frazer to produce a poster series and mailer to remind families, educators and corporate leaders that we must maintain a child's innate curiosity and encourage this inquisitive spirit in their education.

Inspired by questions that children ask, such as “how much does the sky weigh?”, we crafted a message that would resonate emotionally with our audience—the universal truth that all children are inherently curious.

It was this genuine desire to ask questions and discover that resonated with us. We asked ourselves why we stopped being that curious. We made the connection between curiosity of the world around us and the STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These subjects are what make up the world that we see and feel—the world we were once so curious about. Pittsburgh's Gateway to the Arts promotes the necessity of this inquisitive spirit and creative problem solving, fundamental skills in both the Arts and Sciences.

Reaching Audience

We were tasked with a way to reach two audiences, each with a specific goal. The public, specifically teachers and parents, would need to be ultimately directed to the Gateway to the Arts website where they could learn more about the program and current happenings. A corporate audience would be sent a promotional mailer with a goal of inciting funding to the program.