Designer with an affinity for the human condition. I aim to facilitate new ways of understanding our social world.

Masc Means

Book, Campaign • Print, Digital

In response to the often exclusionary language used in the dating profiles of sexual minority men — language like masc only, no fems and no girly flamers — I created the Masc Means project to further conversation around an open understanding of identities, roles, and self. Over 150 men have answered the project's prompt: "what does masculine mean?" and their responses have been recorded in a Masc Means handbook alongside short essays by scholars, journalists and activists in gender, masculinities, and LGBT issues.

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Exhibit • Brand, Environment

The visual system for the 2015 Carnegie Mellon University School of Design Senior Show, developed in collaboration with Antonio Ono and Sam Murray. The team created the exhibit title, wordmark, poster series, print advertisements, pamphlets and environment signage for the gallery space.

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Book • Print

A collaborative project with Katherine Frazer that investigates individuals who have eating disorders and the online communities that they form. Our interest is derived from a desire to better understand how people, who may be marginalized by mainstream culture, or choose not to live by society’s rules, build and find solidarity in their own online subculture communities.

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STEAM—Gateway to the Arts

Campaign • Print

This campaign for Pittsburgh’s Gateway to the Arts aims to raise public awareness of early STEAM education: the incorporation of the Arts in STEM subject learning.

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Book • Print

Using content from This American Life Episode 501: The View From In Here, I designed, printed and bound a book that illustrates the inevitable crumbling of civilization enforced by America’s War on Drugs.

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I Like My Body

Book • Print

This folding book illustrates the poem i like my body when it is with your by e. e. cummings. Photographs, cut paper, drawn type and found objects tell the story of human love and obsession.

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Confess To A

Public Art • Experience

In collaboration with Daniel Campos Zamora, Confess To A is a traveling exploration of misdeed, the conscience, reconciliation and trust. A confessional on wheels becomes transient private space within its public surrounding. The role of absolving priest is replaced with a passerby possessing unique insight and experience. Confidence between two strangers is formed in an exchange of admission and guidance.

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Image-making & Illustration

Editorial • Print

A collection of short visual stories. Imagery is collaged and manipulated to produce narratives that supplement written content.

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Hello, I'm Zach.

I am currently a User Experience Designer at Amazon in Seattle, Washington. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design in Communication Design, I produce work to understand the way that humans emotionally and instinctually engage with designed experiences. I hope to harness these reactions to visual stimuli and provoke behavioral, environmental and cultural change.


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